Adam and Sarah Quinney farm just to the south of Redditch in Warwickshire. The farm is mainly livestock, a herd of Salers cows, a dairy bull finishing unit and a flock of Lleyn ewes. Replacement stock are home bred to avoid buying in disease and to improve our genetics at an economical price.

With the type of cattle business that we have, it has become essential to closely monitor growth rates and feed costs. The use of EID and software to record feed, growth and other performance traits is playing a vital role. The farm rotation includes arable and temporary grass, therefore electric fencing for temporary grazing for both cattle and sheep has become an important management tool.

UK Salers French Salers NFU

PowerPlus B40
•The world’s most energy effi cient battery energiser
•3 operating modes: full power, night save and half power random night save.
•Operates on both 9V and 12V batteries
•Connectable to solar panel
•Earth stake included

Turboline Cord
Bolt on Insulator

XDI Offset Insulator

Floodgate controller

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